Dr. Phodric Dormond

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Dr. Phodric Dormond
Position: Premier of Carops
Term of Office: CY 5674-5678
Predecessor: Fostana Rule
Successor: Dr. Haldric Maldian
Date of Birth 7th/9th/CY 5598
Place of Birth: Pirus, Fornænda
Qualifications: PbcA, Doctorates
Pontiana Seat: Pirus
Political Party: Moderate Party of the Pontanore
International Positions: Chair of the Council of Nations

Dr. Phodric Dormond was Premier of Carops for three and a half years following the fall of Fostana Rule in Carops. Dr. Dormond was elected on the back of a coalition between the Moderate Party of Carops, the Liberty Party, and the Social Democrats. Dr. Dormond is a committed charity figure. He has a degree in biochemistry from the Imperial University Pologi Fornænda, and is an accomplished pianist. He enjoys holidaying in Koyti with his family, where he owns a sizable villa.

[edit] Political Career

Dr. Dormond was popular for much of his term and was responsible for overseeing the reconstruction of Caropsyne colonies damaged in the war against the Caldari and Latagon. He continued to improve links with Ardalia and was monumental in the seizure of several territories for the Pontanore:

[edit] Downfall

Dr. Dormond fell from grace during the Caropsyne Oil Crisis, when he was perceived as inept and slow to react to problems facing the Pontanore. The ongoing rebellion in Jajiland was a source of humiliation for him. It was later alledged by his Foreign Minister Miria Seranoda that Dormond had been ruled by the Damoscaand had pursued a violent and bloody foreign policy. She presented a dossier to the Pontiana listing notable terrorist acts for which she claimed Dormond was responsible. Dr. Dormond announced his resignation on State Television, stated that he felt he could not contnued without the support of the Caropsyne people. He was transferred to a desk job at the Damosca, according to the Carops Free Tribune, before going to spend some time in a secure hospital, seeking treatment for depression.

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